Cypress Financial Services in Geneva IL is a trusted Daily Money Manager, Accounting and Bookkeeping Service provider for Seniors, Small Business, and Individuals.

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Lindi Hannigan CPA MBA DMM | Cypress Financial Services Inc | Daily Money Manager Bookkeeping & Accounting Services for Small Businesses, Seniors and Busy Individuals in Geneva and the Western Suburbs of Chicago Illinois.






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Personal Financial Management Services for Senior Citizens


  • Have you ever wished someone else could help your aging parents keep their bills and important documents organized so that money wasn’t part of your relationship? Are you busy with your own family and personal daily financial challenges without taking on your parents’ finances as well?

  •  As an active senior, are you too busy enjoying your retirement years to be bothered with the mundane tasks associated with daily money management? Would you like someone else to pay your bills when you travel to your vacation home?

For Seniors: a DMM can help to protect you from unscrupulous scams, help you maintain your independence and help keep parent and child relationships strong and positive. For those seniors busy enjoying your retirement years, the DMM can free up time and worry over keeping up with bills while you travel or participate in other activities.

For Senior Citizens:

  • Reconcile bank statements

  • Monitor bank accounts and credit card activity

  • Organize and pay monthly bills

  • Establish budgets

  • Organize and maintain vital records

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As a Daily Money Management, Bookkeeping and Accounting Service Provider for Seniors, Small Businesses and Individuals, Cypress Financial Services Inc is Proud to be a Member of The Geneva Illinois Chamer of Commerce. American Association of Daily Money Managers | Cypress Financial Services | Chicago Western Suburbs Trusted finanicial service provider and daily money manager, DMM, Cypress Financial Serives serves small businesses and busy indivuals in the Chicago western suburbs and is a memeber of AICPA Personal Financial Management Services and Daily Money Management for Small Businesses, Busy Individuals & Senior Citizens, Chicago IL, Cypress Financial Services, member Illinois CPA Society.  


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