Cypress Financial Services in Geneva IL is a trusted Daily Money Manager, Accounting and Bookkeeping Service provider for Seniors, Small Business, and Individuals.

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Lindi Hannigan CPA MBA DMM | Cypress Financial Services Inc | Daily Money Manager Bookkeeping & Accounting Services for Small Businesses, Seniors and Busy Individuals in Geneva and the Western Suburbs of Chicago Illinois.






15 South Sixth Street, #200 Geneva, IL 60134   630-862-0932







Personal Financial Management Services for Individuals

Busy Individuals:  Don't let another month go by before you get a handle on your personal daily finances.  Let Cypress Financial Services calm the chaos of past due bills and overdrawn bank accounts.

  • Set up Quicken on your personal computer

  • Reconcile Bank Statements

  • Organize and schedule your bills

  • Set up and maintain online bill pay

  • Organize your important documents

  • Help create a family budget

  • Monitor annual renewals and subscriptions

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As a Daily Money Management, Bookkeeping and Accounting Service Provider for Seniors, Small Businesses and Individuals, Cypress Financial Services Inc is Proud to be a Member of The Geneva Illinois Chamer of Commerce. American Association of Daily Money Managers | Cypress Financial Services | Chicago Western Suburbs Trusted finanicial service provider and daily money manager, DMM, Cypress Financial Serives serves small businesses and busy indivuals in the Chicago western suburbs and is a memeber of AICPA Personal Financial Management Services and Daily Money Management for Small Businesses, Busy Individuals & Senior Citizens, Chicago IL, Cypress Financial Services, member Illinois CPA Society.  


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